Procrastination Station

Today I have been so good at procrastinating.  If you knew how good, you would be proud.  Or disgusted.

I am putting off something big.  I will tell you about it if I ever get it done.  I am also putting off all sorts of little things, as usual.

Things I have done to procrastinate today include:

  • Sorted out all my paperwork and filing for the past three months.
  • Made not-very-good chocolate chip cookies (butter too cold, mixture over-beaten).
  • Started an argument with E.
  • Painted a picture frame.
  • Hung a picture above our bed.
  • Taken delivery of a new chair for our bedroom (guess where I am sitting).
  • Finished an argument with E and apologised.
  • Watched an episode of ER.
  • Folded all my clean clothes.
  • Sorted out my bedside cabinet and thrown away hoarded tickets/yarn labels/receipts.
  • Cast-on a baby blanket for a friend who has her own W.I.P.
  • Sang songs with the word Texas in the title.

I procrastinated so well that I buggered up my evening.  C was supposed to be coming for dinner but when she heard that food was forthcoming but that post dinner chat and giggles would be time-limited she politely (sensibly) declined.  Rain check – Thursday?

Anyway.  I am in the knitting chair (E says it is a reading chair, but he doesn’t really know how much I am going to be sitting in it) and feeling a lot less perturbed by all the things there are to do than I should be.  I think that means it is a good chair.IMG_1847

Oh.  Also:

  • Written a blog post about procrastinating.

Here’s to a weekend frittered away.  Lovely.

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