Monday, Monday and a Lyla complete

It’s 6.03am.  I’ve been up for an hour while E pottered around with ties and shaving and matching shirts to trousers (who would be a man? It seems like such an effort).  He had enough time to bring me a coffee though.  My hero.

I got up because there was work I absolutely had to do before leaving at 7.20 for another day of sorting out 12 year-old girls’ spats and picking up email tasks to add to the to-do list.  Of course this blog was supposed to be about all the ‘making-things’ I do to put off the list.  Now it seems it has become part of the procrastination in itself.

Autumn is really with us.  Summer did seem to wilfully depart all of a sudden this year.  As far as I am concerned though, this means time to rock out the cowl and gloves that I finished in September.  If you read my first post you will know I had some trouble making my first attempt at Lyla.  My yarn was to soft and droopy (not an attractive word… maybe I meen ‘drapey’) and my tension was all over the bloomin’ shop.  However, persistence is never futile.

After a cheeky matinee at the National during the last legs of the Summer break I made a quick stop (I was there drooling for an hour or more) at iKnit in Waterloo.  There I picked up a couple of skeins (determined not to run out this time) of Artesano Aran Calder and some leftover buttons to add a splash of pink to my project.  Once I had this yarn It was difficult to stop me.  I had barely unpacked my other treats (I was in a bookshop for an hour too – good day all round) before I was away.  Suddenly crochet made utter sense.  With no need to really keep both eyes on the project I was able to sit happily with a glass of wine, an episode of something – it was probably The West Wing for the millionth time – and still it all came together.

Of course, as soon as I was done (and it was super, super quick) I was longing for some co-ordinating gloves to balance out the look.  I found this pattern which seemed satisfyingly easy to follow and open to a little tweaking along the way.  I wanted to add a little puff stitch to tie them in with Lyla and decided to throw in a couple to rows just after separating for the thumb.  Sitting where they do when you have them on, I think of these cheeky additions rather as puff-stitch-knuckle-dusters.

I’ve just put them on actually.  The heating doesn’t kick in ’til 6.45.


Anyway… time to crack on with the rest of the day.  I might just have another coffee before I really get up though.

Happy Monday.

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