New job, new display

This year I have become a HoY.  That’s a Head of Year to you.

Actually I am Acting Joint Head of Year 8.  The other part of my joint is M, or Irish Nana, as we are wont to call her.  ‘Nana’ may seem a strong term (she is all of 25 years old) but it refers to her ability to keep us all in check… with a little Irish twang.  Nana is a history teacher, school eco-council founder and general good egg.  Between the two of us we are learning how to do this new job and relying on each other when we aren’t sure if we are being too strict or not at all strict enough.

I am still Head of Drama, so my colleagues have come to refer to me as a HoD/HoY, which sounds pleasingly exotic when said at pace.

Taking on this new role has made me so busy that I have left my first lonely blog post out there for a long time without any sense of follow-through.  I should be very grateful that anyone has bothered checking in at all, but it seems that they have been.  To those kind few, thank you.  Also, don’t fear.  While I have been super busy I have, of course, found ways to procrastinate.

In our first few days in post both M and I felt we were somehow floundering.  We were back in the school building but our year group (180 girls) were still on holiday and blissfully unaware of how emotionally unprepared their new Heads of Year were.  We kept ourselves sane by labelling folders, filing documents and planning our display board… successfully putting off the business of worrying about whether we were in anyway qualified to be responsible for the behaviour and attainment of so many children.

I was pretty happy to throw myself in to something which had tangible outcomes.  Cutting up card, laminating, stapling backing paper; it all came together to make me feel like I was really achieving something.  In actual fact it was just another way to keep those thumbs busy before the onslaught of the new term, and put off the huge to-do list which was hanging over from the last one.

Anyway… here is the Year 8 ‘space’ themed display.  Now our ‘shooting star’ is full of pictures of the girls and their achievements so far this term: speech and drama exams; Paralympic trips; Tennis trials (meeting Andy Murray!) etc.  The ‘rocket race’ and ‘fuel cells’ are underway to promote attendance and I actually catch the girls checking it sometimes.

Perhaps most impressive is that we are 5 weeks into the term and nobody has nicked one of my rocket laminates.

Rather blurry… Apologies.

Anyway.  So far, so good with the job.  Double job.  As ever I love being in school, teaching and a new challenge.  Managing at team of 10 or so teachers also gives rise to plenty of opportunities to bake for the meetings.  Of course really this is just putting off the (still growing) to-do list.

Nutella Cupcakes… got us through the September meeting.

Gingerbread cupcakes with salted caramel buttercream and sugar shards.  The recipe is here.  October meeting fodder.  But really, who needs an excuse?

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