Half a Lyla

I’ve run out of yarn.

This is what I get for falling in love with a beautiful ball in beautiful Boston and only buying one.  Because I feel I can justify the expense if I’m only buying one.  Because, of course, I only need one.  Because I am buying it for the blanket that I am definitely going to make for our bedroom.  Just like all the blue balls of yarn I have bought this year (one is already a baby cardigan – must buy a replacement).

Today I re-learned to crochet.  In this, my year of born-again knitting, I have repeatedly told myself and others that while I am a novice knitter, I can (of course) crochet.  In an entirely unrelated matter, I have avoided using a crochet hook for anything other than picking up the ten thousand dropped stitches (nine thousand of which were dropped in this project alone) which I have let slip this year.


I really love this pattern and have decided that the designer is going to be my bosom friend one day, so I braved the hook and picked up an oh-so-soft skein of Adrienne Vittadini Trina and gave it a go.  The muscle memory did not do its thing.  I got my base chain done and then bowed to the all-knowing YouTube for advice on puff stitch.  The best thing though, is that while I am rusty (It is messy and my tension is all over the shop) within minutes you have an actual ‘thing’, a real handmade thing.  Crochet is so quick.

Until I ran out of yarn.  I am loathe to frog it back, but I want the cute little Lyla button cowl all for myself, so I am going to have to.  The Trina will have to go back in to the blanket stash.

It seems that I just don’t have enough yarn.